SonHa hold periodical medical examinations and treatments


On 31 July, 2013 at the 7th level of Son Ha building , Tu Liem small and medium-size industrial zone , Tu Liem, Minh Khai, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Son Ha Int’l Corporation organized periodical medical examinations and treatment for more than 300 employees of the company .

From early morning, the staff were crowed waiting for medical examination. The medical examination contents in Son Ha were also applied under the regulations of the Circular No. 13/2007/TT-BYT dated November 21, 2007 – the Ministry of Health:
1 - Make dossiers, update information about previous health history of illness.
2 - Exam general physical strength: Measure height, weight, pulse, blood pressure ...
3 - Conduct comprehensive clinical examination as per specialties: Internal, external, complexion, Otorhinolaryngology, Odonto-Stomatology.
4 – Conduct compulsory paraclinical examination:
+ Blood fomular, blood line.
+ Urine test: Total urinalysis (sugar, proteins, cells) .
5 - Other para-clinic examinations:
+ X - ray photography of cardiopulmonary , and conduct other clinical tests as directed by the doctor .

When asked about the periodical medical examinations and treatment of the company, both the well-experienced and brand new employees felt excited. Because they knew that there were not many businesses ensuring their employees a working environment and welfare regimes as good as in Son Ha. Especially, for pregnant women, Son Ha always creates conditions for periodical health examinations during their pregnancy.

The overall health examination and treatment annually in Son Ha has helped everyone feel the company's attention to themselves, at the same time helped Sonha assess the employees’s health to fit their undertaken work, early detecting health problems, diseases arising concerning occupational exposure factors.

Some images in the medical examination: