Nhat My Horizontal Stainless Steel Water Tank

Nhat My Horizontal Stainless Steel Water Tank

  • Nhat My Horizontal Stainless Steel Water Tank is manufactured with hi-class inox SUS201 which has high hardness, high reliability, used to store water safely.
  • The product is manufactured in a modern technological Japanese line with the quality management system meeting the international standard of ISO 9001-2008.
  • The product is various, has many types, and suits to any house architecture.

Nhat My Horizontal Stainless Steel Water Tank  now has a lot of outstanding improvements: 
1. Tank body is stiffer: 
5 double ribs are evenly distributed on the body, increasing the stiffness and doubling the product’s longevity compared to the common products.
2. Metastable stand: 
With the new stand which is bigger, made from metastable inox, Nhat My water tank is always steady regardless of storm or thunder.
3. Improved base clamp: 
The clamp which connects the tank tightly with the base is super-strong, preventing the tank from tilting, flipping regardless of strong wind or storm.
4. Safety lock: 
The improved lock is made of inox SUS 201, has a latch to prevent the lid from unbending in a heavy storm, stop the insects and dust from contaminating the water.
5. Scratch-resistant plastic cover: 
High quality plastic cover minimizes scratches when transporting, installing, keeps the tank always beautiful and durable in the course of use.
6. Modern label:
The new product label has white logo Nhat My on a black background with full user guide and place of production
7. Warranty period up to 5 years:
Commitment to the product quality with the longest warranty period in Vietnam.

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