Titan 316*58 28 Tube Solar Water Heater

Titan 316*58 28 Tube Solar Water Heater

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Titan 316 58 28 Tube Solar Water Heater is the best product that brings together all the advantages of solar power products: Eco, Gold. Diamond

Products belong to high quality product segment

With a flexible design, customers can choose the type of Tube: Vacuum Tube / oil Tube

+ Vacuum Tube is effective for standard tap water.

+ Oil Tube is suitable for water source which is easy to settle: calcium and magnesium contamination

Operation principles:

Titan 316 58 28 Solar Water Heater system operates under natural thermal convection principle, taking advantage of high solar absorption capacity of vacuum heat absorbers. The coating has a low transparency translating solar radiation into thermal energy. Solar energy absorbed at the surface of the device will heat water, due to the convection process, the water at the insulation tank will increase, this process takes place continuously until the temperature in the tank is equal to the temperature of water at the absorption device.

Solar water heaters are researched and developed according to the philosophy of:

  • Environmentally friendly: Products using natural energy sources are sunlight, so they do not create wastes that affect the environment.
  • Safe to use: When using Solar Power, the risk of fire and electric shock is completely removed.
  • 100% electricity saving: 10VND is the average cost to create 01 liter of hot water when using Solar Power. With such low cost, Solar Power is the first choice for the users with demand to use a large volume of water regularly such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals … and households.

Information about Solar Power Titan 316 58 28 Tubes:

  • TECHNOLOGY OF OIL TUBE, VACUUM TUBE: the product is designed with 2 options to suit all water sources.

Oil Tube: used for easy water sources with limestone deposits.

Vacuum Tube: used for all common tap water sources. Tube technology is imported from Europe.

  • BBO INSIDE IS MADE OF 316L HIGH-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL: 316L stainless steel is an extremely safe high-quality material, used in food technology. The inside of Solar Power Titan 316 is durable, challenging all water sources.
  • POLYURETHANE THERMAL ISOLATION: high-density insulation for up to heating time of 96 hours.
  • THERMAL ISOLATION SHELL: made of  304 stainless steel with high aesthetic value, outstanding durability.
  • SUPPORTING LEG SYSTEM: firmly designed with shaped stainless steel

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