Vision Mission


To become a leading multidisciplinary economic group in Vietnam and Asia which is specialized in producing and trading in the fields of civil and industrial products, water (exploitation and supply of clean water on a large scale, providing modern wastewater treatment solutions, renewable energy (solar and wind power), industrial infrastructure, real estate and furniture.


To bring satisfaction to customers with the best quality products and services; Commitment to sustainable, responsible social and community development, and development of environmentally friendly products.


  • For customers: To provide products, services and solutions for water, kitchen appliances, other household goods and materials made from stainless steel as well as other products invested by the company to help customers to optimize the efficiency.
  • For shareholders: To be an economic organization that operates sustainably and effectively, bringing high, regular and long-term benefits to shareholders.
  • For staff: To be the common house that brings to each member a prosperous and economical and spiritual life.
  • For community and society: To be an organization with social responsibility, actively participating in community and social activities, contributing to national prosperity.

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