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With modern production technology, leading in the world, the goal of Son Ha Group is to make FreeSolar an existing product on millions of Vietnamese roofs. Son Ha Group also develops wastewater treatment industry with the world’s leading modern technology from Japan and Korea. All the research, investment, development of renewable energy and wastewater treatment shows the business goals towards sustainability of a leading multi-industry corporation in Vietnam.

Son Ha International Joint Stock Company (HOSE: SHI) is a multi-industry private economic group, leading in Vietnam in manufacturing & trading household and industrial products; Exploiting, treating, providing clean water and developing clean energy.

SHI is increasingly asserting its position and constantly diversifying its investment portfolio, including rooftop solar power with its exclusive product Free Solar.

Many opportunities to develop from the potential of the industry

Statistics from VEPG show that the total number of rooftop solar power projects and installed capacity in 2020 has increased by 5 times compared to 2019. Currently, the country has 83,000 rooftop solar power projects with installed capacity. over 4,700MW. The total cumulative output of electricity generation to the grid from rooftop solar power so far is over 1.13 billion kWh.

The installation of a solar power system not only protects the environment, helps consumers and businesses use clean electricity from renewable energy sources, but also reduces electricity costs and effectively combats heat. In addition, the use of solar power can also increase income by selling the unused portion of electricity to the national grid.

Facing the dual benefits that this type of energy brings, the Government has issued many mechanisms and policies to encourage the development of solar power in Vietnam.

Grasping the development trend, Son Ha Group has quickly entered the renewable energy market with its capacity and experience recognized by major partners.

On March 12, 2020, Hanoi Electricity Corporation (EVN Hanoi) and Son Ha Group signed a cooperation agreement to develop rooftop solar power in Hanoi city. Accordingly, Hanoi Electricity Group will support, propagate policies, regulations and facilitate installation, acceptance and connection of two-way meters when businesses deploy and operate solar power projects. attic.

People and businesses (factories, industrial parks…) when installing rooftop solar power products from Son Ha Group are also committed to connecting to the national grid, convenient to use and resellable. to the power company at a favorable price.

Up to now, Son Ha Group has had a lot of experience in installing and implementing rooftop solar power projects in industry and civil through projects such as Toan My factory (300 Kwp), resort project. Song Hong (28 Kwp), Nha Trang project (20Kwp), Dak Nong project (20Kwp), EMESCO project (515 Kwp), Kim Cuong Mattress Trading – Manufacturing Company Limited project (1,196Kwp), project Vinsmart project (1,203Kwp)… )… and installation projects in residential houses such as Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi project with a capacity of 5.28-15.5Kwp.

Do not invest massively, focus on quality

On January 16, in Quang Nam, Son Ha Group has inaugurated two more rooftop solar power projects with a total capacity of 1,757KWp by Son Ha Energy Development Joint Stock Company (a member unit of Son Ha Group). , listed on HNX with stock code SHE) as an investor. It is expected that the two projects will generate nearly 2.49 million KWh of electricity to the national grid with revenue equivalent to 4.9 billion VND/year.

In these two projects, the company continues to use the FreeSolar rooftop solar panel system – a product researched and developed by Son Ha Group itself, ensuring environmental safety standards, no noise, industrial waste. Each solar panel has a capacity of 445KWp/plate, imported from a world famous brand and has a lifespan of over 30 years.

In addition, the inverter used is a product of SMA – Germany with a lifespan of over 15 years quality and advanced technology. Other equipment such as substations, conductors … are used products from the best quality brands on the market today. At the same time, the photovoltaic panels of the rooftop solar power system are designed to be tilted at an angle of 10-15 degrees from the ground, helping to maximize the amount of solar radiation, bringing high electricity output. In addition, the bracket system is designed to be fixed according to international standards, capable of withstanding strong winds and storms of level 12.

Vision of an enterprise towards sustainable value

With the world’s leading and modern production technology, the goal of Son Ha Group is to make FreeSolar an existing product on millions of Vietnamese roofs, contributing to making Son Ha become the top 1 brand in the industry. rooftop solar power in Vietnam.

In addition to pioneering the development of clean energy, Son Ha Group also develops wastewater treatment activities with the world’s leading modern technology from Japan and Korea.

The research, investment, development of renewable energy and wastewater treatment shows the business goals towards sustainability of the leading multi-industry corporation in Vietnam.


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