Vision Mission

"Developing into a multi-sector economic group, leading in the region and being appreciated in the international arena"

Constantly innovating, creating, pioneering in production, providing high-quality and environmentally friendly products and services for a better life of each person and for the sustainable development of society.

Core Values

  • PIONEER: Pioneering, taking the lead, dare to think, dare to act, dare to bear responsibility; as a premise for all activities


  • PRESTIGE: Always consistent in commitments, aiming sustainable development, achieving the highest satisfaction of customers and partners Prestige is deemed as the honor of the company


  • SPEED: Quickly adapting to any changes, valuing the “SPEED” in decision making, excellent execution and respecting for discipline. Taking speed and results as the guiding principle


  • INTELLECT: Valuing the spirit of new thinking, new acting, positive thinking; proactively improving and mastering technology, building a learning, self-learning organization, aspiration to grow, gathering elite people where each member is an outstanding factor in the field of work


  • MIND: Valuing the customer & Customer-centric; committing to the mission of improving the quality of life and the sustainable development of society, building a harmonious internal and external relationships, aiming a happy working environment; the Mind is deemed as the important foundation for all actions

Business movies

22 năm Tập đoàn Sơn Hà | Tầm nhìn tiên phong – Vị thế dẫn đầu

22 năm Tập đoàn Sơn Hà | Tầm nhìn tiên phong – Vị thế dẫn đầu