Solar Water Heater

Son Ha solar water heater, also known as cheap Son Ha solar water heater. Son Ha solar energy is an environmentally friendly product, extremely safe with the risk of fire, short circuit and 100% electricity saving.
Son Ha solar energy machine  works on the principle of natural thermal convection, taking advantage of the high solar energy absorption capacity of vacuum heat-absorbing tubes. The coating has a low transparency that converts solar radiation into heat energy. Solar energy absorbed at the surface of the device will heat the water, due to thermal convection, the water in the insulator will increase, this process continues until the temperature in the tank equals the temperature. of water at the absorber.
Solar energy is an environmentally friendly product line with the use of sunlight energy to heat water, so it does not cause harm to the environment. The product is extremely safe because it avoids the risk of fire, explosion, short-circuit and saves 100% of electricity. Therefore, Son Ha Thai Duong Energy is  the first choice for the hot water needs of households, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools...